long day

including a trip to the ER to have the boy’s eyes checked out.  all is good.

let’s see – i did actually get to the gym for another half hour on the elliptical when nikki got off work.  but – no back or crunch machine.  i could barely move yesterday afternoon :))  i will go slower on that.  likely won’t go to the gym tomorrow – i am up too late to get up early in the morning (ER visit).

so – as for eating today, i did good!  a balance bar for breakfast – another with a large cup of tea when i took the boy to mcd’s for lunch.  came home and had an afternoon snack of oatmeal and a banana.  dinner was plain rice and some sesame chicken i cooked in the crock pot.  had a cup of hot chocolate after nikki got the boy in bed and i cleaned the soup up from all over the kitchen (hence the ER visit).    calorie wise, 220, then 440, then 600, then 680, then maybe 150 for the rice, so 750, then maybe 200 for the chicken?  so 950, then another 250 for the hot chocolate – so 1200 on the nose.  not bad.  now to sleep. 



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