second inspiration

second inspiration

ok – so today did not go so badly. balance bar for breakfast. 130 calories worth of honey mustard pretzels, some sharp cheddar cheese and a small bowl of frosted mini wheats for lunch. i was mindlessly snacking on some top ramen for steven when i stopped myself and realized i was just popping food in my mouth. dinner was super simple – some ham,, two rings of pineapple, perhaps a half a cup of ramen and some peas. it’s not bedtime yet, but i’m pretty determined that when i am hungry in a few hours, i’m going to have a small cup of hot chocolate and that will be it. oh – i think i had a fruit and nut bar for a snack during the morning. perhaps i could divide those in half – half for a morning snack, half for an afternoon snack. tomorrow is another day – but today went well.


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