first inspiration…

first inspiration...

i would love to wear this dress. i cannot wear it. perhaps image is the way to accomplish this. i was overweight before, but a year of shoulder problems on the left and foot problems on the right, along with 60-70 hours a week between school/practicum/work with too many meals purchased at drive through windows has added up.

so this morning i started once again. went to LA Fitness, did 30 minutes (slow paced) on an elliptical, and used the low back and crunch machines. steven is sick and trying my patience and what i’d really like is a handful of powdered sugar donuts to deal with the frustration, but here i am starting a blog instead.

so. can i do this, this time around? i honestly don’t know. i hate being this overweight. i need to lose 50 pounds. i hate how i look, i hate buying clothes, i hate having to work to haul myself out of a chair. it’s bad enough having a fairly non-functional shoulder, and the weight doesn’t help. i hate how awkward everything is with 50 extra pounds. so why haven’t i been able to do anything about it? i’m not sure – but i’m going to try once more. if this blog is abandoned in a week, it didn’t work.


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